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We are the internet’s official Urban radio station playing Grown Folk’s Hip Hop & R&B. We spin heavy R&B during the daytime hours. We also have a special show dedicated to the Unsigned/Indie Artists called “Music Discovery Radio” every Sunday evening from 6pm-8pm (EST).  If you have music that may fit any of our formats you may send your music to and we will review your music.

Please be sure to send under the following guidelines:

1. Must be Radio/Clean Version.

2. Make sure you have renamed your mp3/tags properly in this format so the artist/song title information displays properly when we play it. Example: “Artist – Song Title”

3. Include your Twitter info with music submission.


If you are interested in purchasing our special Promotional Packages for guaranteed exposure & live On-Air interviews, we will gladly send you our promotional packages for you to review as well.  Just request it in your e-mail to

Thank you for listening to the world’s hottest internet radio station